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MTA EK MFA Budapest

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Levente Tapasztó PhD, Head of Laboratory Publications
Zsolt E. Horváth PhD, Deputy Head of Laboratory Publications
László P. Biró Prof, Member of the HAS Publications
Zsolt Bálint External Associate
Hungarian Natural History Museum Publications
Gergely Dobrik PhD student Publications
Krisztián Kertész PhD Publications
Antal Koós PhD Publications
Péter Kun PhD student Publications
Gábor Magda PhD student Publications
Géza I. Márk PhD Publications
Péter Nemes-Incze PhD Publications
Zoltán Osváth PhD Publications
András Pálinkás PhD student Publications
Péter Vancsó PhD Publications

Address: Research Institute for Technical Physics & Materials Science H-1525 Budapest , P.O.Box 49, Hungary Tel.: (+36-1) 392-2681, 395-9220 Fax: (+36-1) 392-2226

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