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Butterfly wings may inspire new flat panel displays
an iridescent blue butterfy New Scientist Tech, 6 September 2006.
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Butterfly Scales as Living Photonic Crystals
iridescent butterfy animation Newsletter of the EMRS Spring Meeting, 2006.
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Butterflies and Photonic Crystals
Physics News Update
The AIP Bulletin of Physics News
Number 622 #1, January 27, 2003
by Phil Schewe, James Riordon, and Ben Stein
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Further information on butterflies and
photonic crystals:

Spotlight - the PSIgate Science News Column,
Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Sci. & Techn. ,
Virtual Journal of Biological Phys. Res.
, and
Innovations Report.

Beetles go red with switchable reflector
Color switching beetle Cern Courier , 19 October 2007.
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Showing Off vs. Staying Warm
Science Now
6, February, 2003
by Daniel Bachtold
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Coiled carbon nanotubes

Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology

We have proposed a new structural model similar to the Haeckaelite structures of Terrones et al, which, in contrast to earlier models have a supraunitarynonhexagonal to hexagonal ring ratio.

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