STM and AFM investigation of carbon nanotubes

L. P. Bíró1,2, G. I. Márk 1, J. Gyulai1, and P. A. Thiry2

Research Institute for Technical Physics and Materials Science
H-1525 Budapest, P.O.Box 49, HUNGARY

2 Facultes Universitaires Notre Dame de La Paix ,
Laboratory for surface molecular spectroscopy (LASMOS) ,
Rue de Bruxelles 61, B-5000, Namur, BELGIUM


ECM-18 European Crystallographic Meeting Praha, Czech Republic, August 16 - 20, 1998 (invited talk)



carbon nanotubes, scanning tunneling microscopy, STM, atomic force microscopy, AFM, tapping mode, image formation mechanism, computer simulation of tunneling, high energy ion irradiation, sputtering, vibration
Click here AFM image formation of vibrating nanotube to see images and animations about the simulation of AFM image formation mechanism of vibrating nanotubes.
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