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Authors : Fonseca,A.;Hernádi ,K.;Piedigrosso,P.;Colomer,J-F.;Mukhopadhyay,K.;Doome,R.;Lazarescu,S.;Biró,L.,P.;Lambin,Ph.;Thiry,P.,A.;Bernaerts,D.;B.Nagy,J.
Title : Synthesis of single- and multi-wall carbon nanotubes over supported catalysts
JournalName : Appl. Phys. A
PubDateYear : 1998
PubDateOther :
Volume : 67
Issue :
StartPage : 11
EndPage : 22
Keywords : carbon nanotubes;catalytic decomposition;single wall;multi wall;coiled nanotubes;catalyst preparation;TOP_YandCoil;TOP_NanoStructDet;W_Experiment;W_Coil;W_Nanotube;W_STM
Notes : This paper reports on the catalytic syntheis of single- and multi-wall carbon nanotubes using various supported transition metal catalysts, and on the analysis of the resulting product by microscopic techniques.
Abstract : Catalytic synthesis and some characterization of multi- and single-wall carbon nanotubes are presented. Supported transition-metal catalysts were prepared by different methods and were tested in the production of nanotubes by decomposition of hydrocarbons at 700 C, using a fixed-bed flow reactor.
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