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Authors : Biró,L.,P.;Lazarescu,S.;Lambin,Ph.;Thiry,P.,A.;Fonseca,A.;B.Nagy,J.;Lucas,A.,A.
Title : Scanning Tunneling Microscope Investigation of Carbon Nanotubes Produced by Catalytic Decomposition of Acetylene
JournalName : Phys. Rev. B
PubDateYear : 1997
PubDateOther :
Volume : 56
Issue :
StartPage : 12490
EndPage : 12498
Keywords : carbon nanotubes;STM;image formation;single wall;multi wall;catalytic decomposition
Notes : This paper reports on the STM investigation of catalytically grown carbon nanotubes. The production of single wall carbon nanotubes is reported.
Abstract : A detailed scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) study of carbon nanotubes prepared by catalytic decomposition of acetylene over a supported transition metal catalyst is reported. Nanotubes with diameters in the 10-nm range and others with diameters as small as 1 nm were found. The mechanism of STM image formation and image deconvolution with respect to the tip shape are discussed, as well as the corrections which have to be applied when measuring by STM nanotube diameters in the ranges of 10 nm and of 1 nm, respectively. The behavior of a nanotube crossing steps on the graphite surface is analyzed. Modified height values measured on a single-wall nanotube in regions where it was subjected to strong mechanical stresses indicate changes in the electrical conductivity by several orders of magnitude. Carbon nanotubes are found to be good candidates to be used for STM tip shape characterization in the nm range.
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