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Authors : Nagy,Péter;Márk,Géza,I.;Balázs,Erzsébet
Title : Determination of SPM tip shape using polystyrene latex balls
BookTitle : Microbeam and Nanobeam Analysis (Mikrochimica Acta, Suppl.13)
Editors : Benoit;et al
PubDateYear : 1996
PubDateOther :
Volume :
Series :
StartPage : 425
EndPage : 433
Publisher : Springer Verlag
Address :
ISBN : 3-211-82874-5
Keywords : TOP_Methodology;YEAR_Before1998;W_STM;W_Tip;W_Experiment;W_Theory
Notes :
Abstract : In scanning probe microscopy (SPM) the imaging of the structure of tip apex in mesoscopic scale is extremely important. The present paper offers a simple way for estimating the shape of SPM tips. A standard sample consisting of a close packed monolayer of small polystyrene latex balls is used to characterise the tip shape. The image formation process is simulated by a matrix "convolution" method and the dependence of the SPM image on the tip shape is studied by calculating images of the test sample. Real pictures taken on the same test samples were used to calculate the shape of the tip utilising the known shape and size of the latex balls.
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