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Authors : Skákalová,V.;Kaiser,A.,B.;Osváth,Z.;Vértesy,G.;Bíró,L.,P.;Roth,S.
Title : Ion irradiation effects on conduction in single-wall carbon nanotube networks
JournalName : Applied Physics A
PubDateYear : 2008
PubDateOther :
Volume : 90
Issue :
StartPage : 597
EndPage : 602
Keywords :
Notes :
Abstract : We have measured how irradiation by Ar+ and N+ ions modifies electronic conduction in single-wall carbon nanotube (SWNT) networks, finding dramatically different effects for different thicknesses. For very thin transparent networks, ion irradiation increases localization of charge carriers and reduces the variable-range hopping conductivity, especially at low temperatures. However, for thick networks (SWNT paper) showing metallic conductivity, we find a relatively sharp peak in conductivity as a function of irradiation dose. Our investigation of this peak reveals the important role of thermal annealing extending beyond the range of the irradiating ions, and shows the dependence on the morphology of the samples. We propose a simple model that accounts for the temperature-dependent conductivity.
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