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Authors : Vértesy,Z.;Bálint,Zs.;Kertész,K.;Vigneron,J.,P.;Lousse,V.;Bíró,L.,P.
Title : Wing scale microstructures and nanostructures in butterflies − natural photonic crystals
JournalName : Journal of Microscopy
PubDateYear : 2006
PubDateOther :
Volume : 224
Issue :
StartPage : 108
EndPage : 110
Keywords :
Notes :
Abstract : The aim of our study was to investigate the correlation between structural colour and scale morphology in butterflies. Detailed correlations between blue colour and structure were investigated in three lycaenid subfamilies, which represent a monophylum in the butterfly family Lycaenidae (Lepidoptera): the Coppers (Lycaeninae), the Hairstreaks (Theclinae) and the Blues (Polyommatinae). Complex investigations such as spectral measurements and characterization by means of light microscopy, scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy enabled us to demonstrate that: (i) a wide array of nanostructures generate blue colours; (ii) monophyletic groups use qualitatively similar structures; and (iii) the hue of the blue colour is characteristic for the microstructure and nanostructure of the body of the scales.
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