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Authors : Biró,L.,P.;Ehlich,R.;Tellgmann,R.;Gromov,A.;Krawez,N.;Tschaplyguine,M.;Pohl,M.,M.;Zsoldos,E.;Vértesy,Z.;Horváth,Z.,E.;Campbell,E.,E.,B.
Title : Growth of carbon nanotubes by fullerene decomposition in the presence of transition metals
JournalName : Chem.Phys.Lett.
PubDateYear : 1999
PubDateOther : 11 June
Volume : 306
Issue :
StartPage : 155
EndPage : 162
Keywords : nanotube;fullerene;TOP_FullDecomp;W_Experiment;W_STM;W_Nanotube
Notes :
Abstract : Carbon nanotubes were formed on HOPG when the graphite faces were exposed to a stainless steel C60 evaporator heated to 4508C. No nanotubes were found on gold under the same conditions or when a quartz oven was used as the C60 evaporator. Interesting conical nanostructures were found in the insoluble residue from the stainless steel oven. We interpret the nanotube formation to be due to the presence of small carbon fragments produced by the catalytic decomposition of C 60 in the oven.
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