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Authors : Nagy,N.;Pap,A.,E.;Deák,A.;Volk,J.;Horváth,E.;Hórvölgyi,Z.;Bársony,I.
Title : Regular patterning of PS substrates by a self-assembled mask
JournalName : Physica Status Solidi C
PubDateYear : 2007
PubDateOther :
Volume : 4
Issue :
StartPage : 2021
EndPage : 2025
Keywords :
Notes :
Abstract : Regularly ordered porous structures were fabricated in ion-implanted p- and n-type silicon. Mono-layered Langmuir-Blodgett (LB) films and a double-layered film from Stöber silica spheres of 350 nm diameter were used as masking layers in the boron and phosphorus ion-implantation step, providing the laterally periodic doping structure. The various ordered porous structures are obtained after the anodic etch process. The PS layer can be removed by alkaline etching. The masking LB silica layer and the resulting structures are shown in the SEM images. Using the self-assembled nanoparticles, regular patterns of high resolution can easily be prepared in an inexpensive manner on large area silicon.
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