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Authors : Kertész,Krisztián;Bálint,Zsolt;Vértesy,Zofia;Márk,Géza,I.;Lousse,Virginie;Vigneron,Jean,Pol;Rassart,Marie;Biró,László,P.
Title : Gleaming and dull surface textures from photonic-crystal-type nanostructures in the butterfly Cyanophrys remus
JournalName : Phys. Rev. E
PubDateYear : 2006
PubDateOther :
Volume : 74
Issue :
StartPage : 021922-1
EndPage : 021922-15
Keywords : TOP_Photonic;W_Experiment;W_Theory
Notes :
Abstract : Photonic-crystal-type nanostructures occurring in the scales of the butterfly Cyanophrys remus were investigated by optical and electron microscopy (scanning and transmission electron microscopy), reflectance measurements (specular, integrated, and goniometric), by fast Fourier transform analysis of micrographs, by modeling, and by numerical simulation of the measured reflectance data. By evaluating the collected data in a cross-correlated way, we show that the metallic blue dorsal coloration originates from scales which individually are photonic single crystals of 50×120 µm2, while the matt pea-green coloration of the ventral side arises from the cumulative effect of randomly arranged, bright photonic crystallites (blue, green, and yellow) with typical diameters in the 3�10-µm range. Both structures are based on a very moderate refractive index contrast between air and chitin. Using a bleached specimen in which the pigment has decayed with time, we investigated the role of pigment in photonic-crystal material in the process of color generation. The possible biologic utility of the metallic blue (single-crystal) and dull green (polycrystal) textures both achieved with photonic crystals are briefly discussed. Potential applications in the field of colorants, flat panel displays, smart textiles, and smart papers are surveyed.
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