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Authors : Darabont,A,L;Nemes-Incze,P;Kertész,K;Tapasztó,L;Koós,A,A;Osváth,Z;Sárkozi,Zs;Vértesy,Z;Horváth,Z,E;Biró,L,P
Title : Synthesis of carbon nanotubes by spray pyrolysis and their investigation by electron microscopy
JournalName : J. Optoelectron. Adv. Mater.
PubDateYear : 2005
PubDateOther :
Volume : 7
Issue :
StartPage : 631
EndPage : 636
Keywords : TOP_NanoStructDet;W_Experiment;W_Nanotube;W_SEM;W_TEM
Notes :
Abstract : The present work is devoted to the synthesis of carbon nanotubes by spray pyrolysis method. This procedure is a version of CCVD method (Catalysed Chemical Vapour Deposition). Using a quartz reactor we have studied the influence of the history of the reactor wall surface, the lenght of the reactor and different aliphatic, saturated hydrocarbons as carbon sources on the quality and quantity of the final product. In order to study the influence of the reactor length on the quantity of the carbon nanotubes produced, we used two reactors of different lengths. The history of the reactor wall surface was determined by the purification process applied to the quartz reactor, which was realized with a mixture of hydrofluoric acid:nitric acid (1:1). This purification process changes the surface structure of the reactor wall, together with the catalyst, and determines the amount of the final product, which contains the carbon nanotubes. We have observed that part of the obtained carbon nanotubes have open endings. The samples obtained were purified and examined by TEM and STM.
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