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Authors : Braun,T;Rausch,H;Biró,L,P;Kónya,Z;Kiricsi,I
Title : Determination of traces of elemental impurities in single walled (SWNT) and multi walled (MWNT) pristine and purified carbon nanotubes by instrumental neutron activation analysis
JournalName : J. Radioanal & Nucl. Chem.
PubDateYear : 2004
PubDateOther :
Volume : 262
Issue :
StartPage : 31
EndPage : 34
Keywords : TOP_Methodology;W_Nanotube;E_Experiment
Notes :
Abstract : By using instrumental neutron activation analysis (INAA) ithas been shown that some pristine carbon SWNT's and MWNT's of different makes, contain a multitude of trace element impurities at various concentration levels including also amounts which can be considered as nanoelectronically dopant quantities. The same holds for the above mentioned carbon nanotubes also after their inadequately so-called purification.
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