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Authors : Szabó,Andrea;Fonseca,Antonio;B.Nagy,J.;Lambin,Philippe;Biró,László,Péter
Title : Structural origin of coiling in coiled carbon nanotubes
JournalName : Carbon
PubDateYear : 2005
PubDateOther :
Volume : 43
Issue :
StartPage : 1628
EndPage : 1633
Keywords : TOP_YandCoil;W_Experiment;W_Nanotube;W_Coil;W_Haeckelite;W_Theory;W_TEM
Notes :
Abstract : The statistical distribution of a large number of helically coiled carbon nanotubes was analyzed in a cross-correlated way in their geometrical configuration space defined by diameter and pitch. Stability islands were identified, in which the number of coils exceeds about 15�10 times the value corresponding to a uniform distribution. When comparing our data with data from literature, a good agreement is found. The statistical findings are interpreted as indirect evidence that the geometric configuration of coiled carbon nanotubes is rather decided by the atomic structure of carbon layers building up the coils than by the external parameters which on the other hand may induce the particular conditions under which coiling occurs. The possible effect of impurities like N and S on the incorporation of non-hexagonal rings and tubular growth is pointed out.
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