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Authors : Márk,G.,I.;Biró,L.,P.;Tapasztó,L.;Mayer,A.;Lambin,Ph.
Title : Atomic pseudopotential model for wave packet tunneling through a carbon nanotube
BookTitle : Electronic Properties of Synthetic Nanostructures, 6-13 March 2004, Kirchberg, Austria
Editors : Kuzmany,Hans;Fink,Jörg;Mehring,Michael;Roth,Siegmar
PubDateYear : 2004
PubDateOther : Oct
Volume : 723
Series : AIP Conference Proceedings
StartPage : 389
EndPage : 392
Publisher : American Institute of Physics
Address : Melville, New York
ISBN : 0-7354-0204-3
Keywords : TOP_Tunnel;W_Theory;W_3DTunnel;W_Nanotube;W_STM
Notes :
Abstract : STM images of carbon nanotubes always contain the influence of both the geometrical and electronic structure. In our several formerpapers [1,2] we explored in detail the contributions of the geometrical factors including the effects caused by the STM tip curvature, point contacts between the tip and the nanotube, charge spreading along the nanotube during tunneling, and so on with a jellium model potential. Utilizing recent advances in computer power and a new carbon pseudopotential we can incoporate the atomic structure into our model. We investigate wave packet tunneling from the STM tip into the nanotube for n,m indices representing metallic and semiconducting nanotubes. First results of this calculation are presented and compared to ab-initio calculations.
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