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Authors : Márk,G.,I.;Biró,L.,P.;Gyulai,J.;Thiry,P.,A.;Lambin,Ph.
Title : The use of computer simulation to investigate tip shape and point contact effects during scanning tunneling microscopy of supported nanostructures
BookTitle : Electronic Properties of Novel Materials -- Science & Technology of Molecular Nanostructures, 27 February - 6. March 1999, Kirchberg, Austria
Editors : Kuzmany,Hans;Fink,Jörg;Mehring,Michael;Roth,Siegmar
PubDateYear : 1999
PubDateOther :
Volume : 486
Series : AIP Conference Proceedings
StartPage : 323
EndPage : 327
Publisher : American Institute of Physics
Address : Melville, New York
ISBN : 1-56396-900-9
Keywords : TOP_Tunnel;W_Theory;W_Experiment;W_Nanotube;W_WP;W_Schroed;W_STM;W_PointContact
Notes :
Abstract : A recently developed computer code is used to investigate effects which may arise during the STM investigation of supported nanostructures, like carbon nanotubes. The effects of tip geometry and point contact imaging are studied. The calculations show that while the magnitude of the tunnel current is determined by the tip-nanotube tunnel gap, the asymmetry of the tip -/+ current is influenced by the nanotube-support tunnel gap. The results obtained from simulation are compared with experimental data.
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