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Authors : Biró,László,P.;Szabó,Bálint;Márk,Géza,I.;Gyulai,József;Havancsák,Károly;Kürti,Jenô;Dunlop,A.;Frey,L.;Ryssel,H.
Title : Carbon nanotubes produced by high energy (E > 100 MeV), heavy ion irradiation of graphite
JournalName : Nucl.Instr.Meths.B.
PubDateYear : 1999
PubDateOther :
Volume : 148
Issue :
StartPage : 1102
EndPage : 1105
Keywords : carbon nanotube;CNT;STM;AFM;ion irradiation;atomic resolution on carbon nanotubes;TOP_Ion;W_Experiment;W_AFM;W_STM;W_Nanotube
Notes :
Abstract : Scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) and atomic force microscopy (AFM) were used to investigate the surface of highly oriented pyrolytic graphite (HOPG) irradiated with 209 MeV Kr or 830 MeV U ions. The density of hillocks found on samples irradiated by Kr and U ions indicates synergism of electronic and nuclear stopping processes. Carbon nanotubes were found on all of the investigated samples, STM images show an atomic arrangement identical with that of graphite. AFM revealed sputtering craters from which emerge carbon nanotubes, the vibration of some nanotubes was observed. PACS: 61.48.+c; 61.16.Ch; 61.80.Jh; 81.05.Ys; 85.40.Ux
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