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Authors : Biró,László,Péter;Márk,Géza,I.;Balázs,Erzsébet
Title : STM "tip changes" - a possible tool for tip characterization
BookTitle : Nanophase Materials
Editors : Hadjipanayis,G.,C.;Siegel,R.,W.
Edition :
PubDateYear : 1994
PubDateOther :
Volume :
Series : NATO ASI Series
Chapter :
StartPage : 205
EndPage : 208
Publisher : Kluwer Academic Publishers
Address :
ISBN : 0-7923-2754-3
Keywords : TOP_Methodology;YEAR_Before1998;W_Experiment;W_Theory;W_STM;W_Tip
Notes :
Abstract : A method based on the detailed analysis of tip changes is proposed for the investigation of tip cluster structure. As proposed by Mizes et al [7] the tunneling current for a multiple tip is considered to be produced by the superposition of currents corresponding to the individual tip atoms. Good agreement is found between experimental results for PtIr tips and computer simulations for a Pt15 [110] tip cluster. From the modification of the acquired image during imaging HOPG the modifications of the tip structure may be inferred. PACS numbers: 73.40, 61.16, 68.35
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