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Authors : Lambin,Philippe;Márk,Géza,I.;Meunier,Vincent;Biró,László,P.
Title : Computation of STM images of carbon nanotubes
JournalName : Int. J. Quant. Chem.
PubDateYear : 2003
PubDateOther : Nov-Dec
Volume : 95
Issue : 4-5
StartPage : 495
EndPage : 503
Keywords : TOP_NanoStructDet;TOP_Tunnel;W_Theory;W_Nanotube;W_Schroed;W_TightBinding;W_STM;W_3DTunnel
Notes :
Abstract : Scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) is the only tool making it possible to study both the topography and the electronic structure of carbon nanosystems at a sub-nanometer resolution. The interpretation of the STM images of carbon nanostructures is more complicated than in the case of a planar crystalline surface since different quantum effects distort the image that the microscope gives of a nano-object. Because of these difficulties, computer simulation is a helpful tool in the analysis of experimental data. Two theoretical approaches are considered to understand the formation of the image of a nanotube in STM: first the quantum-mechanical dynamics of a wave packet, which allows us to investigate how the tunneling current sets up between the tip and a nanotube supported by a substrate, and, second, a tight-binding perturbation theory of STM that allows us to calculate realistic images and scanning tunneling spectra of carbon nanostructures. An atlas of computed STM images is provided for a series of 27 single-wall nanotubes with diameter around 1.3 nm.
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