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Authors : Biró,László,Péter;Horváth,Zsolt,Endre;Szalmás,Lajos;Kertész,Krisztián;Wéber,Ferenc;Juhász,György;Radnóczi,György;Gyulai,József
Title : Continuous carbon nanotube production in underwater AC electric arc
JournalName : Chemical Physics Letters
PubDateYear : 2003
PubDateOther :
Volume : 372
Issue :
StartPage : 399
EndPage : 402
Keywords : TOP_UnderWater;W_Experiment;W_Nanotube;W_TEM;W_UnderWater
Notes :
Abstract : A simple, low cost and continuous growth method for the production of well graphitized multi-wall carbon nanotubes is described. The growth takes place in an AC arc in water between two carbon electrodes. At a voltage of 40 V the arc is stable in the range of 85�45 A, lower current values help in increasing the fraction of carbon nanotubes in the product.
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