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Authors : Osváth,Z.;Koós,A.,A.;Horváth,Z.,E.;Gyulai,J.;Benito,A.,M.;Martínez,M.,T.;Maser,W.,K.;Biró,L.,P.
Title : Arc-grown Y-branched carbon nanotubes observed by scanning tunneling microscopy (STM)
JournalName : Chemical Physics Letters
PubDateYear : 2002
PubDateOther :
Volume : 365
Issue :
StartPage : 338
EndPage : 342
Keywords : TOP_YandCoil;TOP_NanoStructDet;W_Experiment;W_Y;W_STM
Notes :
Abstract : Scanning tunneling microscopy (STM)observation of Y-branched carbon nanotubes produced by the arc-discharge method is reported. A drilled out graphite rod filled with a nickel/yttrium particle mixture was used as anode in the arc chamber under He atmosphere of 660-mbar pressure. Straight multi-wall nanotubes and asymmetrical Y-branches were found in a sample taken from the cathodic deposit. As measured by STM the Y-junctions have low apparent heights in the range of 1 nm. This may be an indication that these nanotubes have only few walls, or possibly they are single-walled. The asymmetrical Y-branches found in this experiment may be related to the additional use of metals or/and to changed temperature conditions on the cathode side due to the switch-off of the cathode water-cooling.
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