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Authors : Biró,L.,P.;Ehlich,R.;Osváth,Z.;Koós,A.,A.;Horváth,Z.,E.;Gyulai,J.;Nagy,J.,B.
Title : From straight carbon nanotubes to Y-branched and coiled carbon nanotubes
JournalName : Diamond and Related Materials
PubDateYear : 2002
PubDateOther :
Volume : 11
Issue :
StartPage : 1081
EndPage : 1085
Keywords :
Notes :
Abstract : Straight carbon nanotubes,carbon nanotube �knees �,Y-branches of carbon nanotubes,and coiled carbon nanotubes were grown on a graphite substrate by the decomposition of fullerene under moderate heating (450 C)in the presence of transition metal particles. The grown structures were investigated without any further manipulation by STM. The observed coiled carbon nanotubes are tentatively identified with the theoretically predicted haeckelite.
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