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Authors : Pacher,Pál;Márk,Géza,I.
Title : A learning aid for the study of time dependent quantum phenomena
BookTitle : Proceedings, Computer based learning in science, Wien, 1993. December 18-21
Editors : Nobar,P.,M.;Kainz,W.
PubDateYear : 1994
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ISBN : 80-7040-082-X
Keywords : TOP_Misc;TOP_Tunnel;YEAR_Before1998;W_Schroed;W_WP;W_Theory
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Abstract : Quantum mechanics is conceptually one of the most difficult parts of undergraduate physics courses for electrical engineering students. The number of problems that can be solved analytically is very limited, the solution procedures are usually time consuming. In some cases the students do not possess the required mathematical skills. This is especially true for the solution of the time-dependent Schr”dinger equation. The computer program based on a very efficient numerical technique, the split-operator Fourier transform method helps to overcome this difficulty. The evolution of a wave packet over time, time-dependent scattering on different potential barriers, tunneling, etc. can be studied. The probability density function and the real part of the wave function are displayed in colour graphs. Computer animation of the evolution of the wave packet can be produced on the basis of the results of calculations at different time instants.
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