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Authors : Pacher,Pál;Biró,László,P.;Lambin,Philippe;Márk,Géza,I.
Title : Time-dependent scattering in 3D
BookTitle : Physics Teaching in Engineering Education, 5-7 June 2002, KU Leuven, Belgium
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PubDateYear : 2002 (in press)
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Abstract : Quantum mechanics is a difficult part of undergraduate physics courses both conceptually and mathematically. Numerical solution of problems on a computer drastically widens the assortment of the few problems that can be solved analytically, and it opens the possibility of the study of more realistic systems as well. The presentation of the results in a graphical form contributes to the understanding of the concepts and phenomena studied. Animation is a unique tool in the study of time dependent phenomena: the images calculated at different time instants may be joined as a movie. In the middle of nineties the performance of personal computers and workstations combined with efficient numerical techniques opened new perspectives for teaching quantum mechanics, in particular time-dependent scattering. Their recent performance allows to extend the calculation from 2D to 3D and investigate phenomena like the transmission of electrons through carbon nanotubes.
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