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Authors : Márk,Géza,I.;Biró,László,P.;Koós,Antal;Osváth,Zoltán;Gyulai,József;Benito,Ana,M.;Thiry,Paul,A.;Lambin,Philippe
Title : Charge spreading effects during 3D tunneling through a supported carbon nanotube
BookTitle : Electronic Properties of Novel Materials -- Molecular Nanostructures, 3-10 March 2001, Kirchberg, Austria
Editors : Kuzmany,Hans;Fink,Jörg;Mehring,Michael;Roth,Siegmar
PubDateYear : 2001
PubDateOther :
Volume : 591
Series : AIP Conference Proceedings
StartPage : 364
EndPage : 367
Publisher : American Institute of Physics
Address : Melville, New York
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Notes :
Abstract : Investigating the distribution of the scanning tunneling microscope (STM) current through a nanostructured material is a subject of great current interest. In this work, the transmission of an electron wave packet was calculated through a jellium potential model of a carbon nanotube under the tip of a STM. Snapshots of the full three-dimensional (3D) probability density of the wave packet enabled us to study in detail the tunneling event. The theory shows that the wave packet spreads along the nanotube while it tunnels through it and the nanotube-support tunneling channel is also extended along the direction of the tube as compared to the tip-nanotube channel which remains narrow. We demonstrate how can this spread explain the characteristics of the apparent height measured by STM of a nanotube crossing a step on graphite.
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