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Authors : Márk,Géza,I.;Biró,László,P.;Gyulai,József;Thiry,Paul,A.;Lambin,Philippe
Title : Wave packet dynamical simulation of scanning tunneling spectroscopy of supported nanostructures
BookTitle : Cluster and Nanostructure Interfaces
Editors : Jena,P.;Khanna,S.,N.;Rao,B.,K.
PubDateYear : 2000
PubDateOther :
Volume :
Series :
StartPage : 461
EndPage : 466
Publisher : World Scientific
Address : Singapore
ISBN : 981-02-4219-0
Keywords : nanotube;STS;wave packet
Notes :
Abstract : Carbon nanotubes (CNT) are nanometric objects built from only C atoms. Their electronic properties are determined by the way in which the graphene sheet is rolled into a cylinder. In its spectroscopic mode, STM is a unique tool for the investigation of electronic properties of a CNT. On the other hand, the interpretation of experimental data is made difficult by the complexity of the tunneling system as compared with bulk single crystalline surfaces. Several groups reported asymmetric I-V curves for CNTs supported on different surfaces. We use wave packet dynamics to investigate possible causes of this phenomenon for the case of an isolated CNT and for ropes of single-wall CNTs. The effects of tip geometry and tip polarity are investigated, and the consequences of point contact imaging are studied. The results obtained from simulation are compared with experimental data.
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