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Authors : Márk,Géza,I.;Balázs,Erzsébet
Title : Calculation of effects of tunnel junction geometry in Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy
BookTitle : Abstract Book, STM'91, International Conference on Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy, Interlaken 1991
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PubDateYear : 1991
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Publisher : unpublished
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Keywords : TOP_Tunnel;YEAR_Before1998;W_Theory;W_Schroed;W_Semiclassical;W_WP;W_STM
Notes :
Abstract : A theoretical study of current density for the case of tunneling through phenomenological {1} and variationally {2} calculated metal-vacuum-metal (MVM) potential barriers is presented. The two-dimensional time dependent Schrödinger equation is solved numerically. Spectroscopic effects (e.g. the effects of low work function tip patches) as well as electron focusing effects are investigated within the framework of this model. Predictions of semiclassical calculations (e.g. geometrical asymmetries in I(V) curves) are verified. This work was partially supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation. {1} N. Garcia, C. Ocal and F. Flores, Phys.Rev.Lett.50, 2002 (1983). {2} E. Balázs & L.Orosz, Surf.Sciencef 238, 341 (1990).
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